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Bidding Documents
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Detailed project information, plans, and specifications for current projects can be accessed through QuestCDN for engineering projects, and Mathison's Planroom for architectural projects. Project details will be updated as changes occur. If you are unable to locate the information you are looking for, please contact us.

Directions for Mathison's Planroom:

1. Bidding documents will be available in hard copy form or as an electronic download from the Ackerman-Estvold online planroom. 
2. Follow the link to the planroom and click on the “Click Here to Register” link near the center of the page. You must register to order plans or receive an electronic download.
3. After registration, login to the planroom. You will find the project posted. 
4. Follow the on screen instructions to order the bidding documents. Contact Thomas Tweten at Mathison’s with questions or for assistance relating to the planroom, ordering, or receiving plans. Thomas may be reached via email ( or at 701-232-8971.