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Mouse River Basin Enhanced Flood Protection Project Initial Concept Alignment Released
Post Date: Nov 03 2011
Tags: flood planinitial concept alignmentMouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Projectmouse river planRyan Ackerman
Minot, N.D. – Governor Jack Dalrymple presented the Mouse River Basin Enhanced Flood Protection Project Initial Concept Alignment to the Souris River Joint Board during their special meeting held today in Minot. The Initial Concept Alignment included maps showing the approximate location of project features, critical transportation routes that will remain open during a flood event, likely project limits and uncertain project limits, throughout the Mouse River Basin.
The objectives of the project are to protect as many homes as possible, minimize the project footprint and adverse affects to unprotected features, and consistency with long range objectives of affected communities and stakeholders, all for the lowest practical cost. The Initial Concept Alignment represents a protection level of 27,400 cfs from Burlington to Velva and 29,700 cfs through Mouse River Park with an additional three feet of freeboard.
The Initial Concept Alignment can be found on the Mouse River Basin Enhanced Flood Protection website at, on the Facebook and Twitter pages at Mouse River Plan, or at the Minot Public Library located at 516 2nd Ave SW in Minot.
ND State Water Commission representatives and members of the engineering team emphasized the importance of the public input phase of the Mouse River Basin Enhanced Flood Protection Project. It is essential for residents to provide input on the Initial Concept Alignment in order for progress to continue towards the next phase of the flood protection plan.
Public Input meetings have been scheduled for next week. These meetings will be conducted to provide residents the opportunity to view the Initial Concept Alignment, listen to the summary of the plan, and ask questions and provide feedback regarding the proposed plan. Meetings with a primary focus on Minot have been scheduled for November 8 & 9 from 7pm – 9pm. The meeting with a primary focus on the upstream and downstream interests will be held November 10 from 7pm – 9pm.  All public input meetings will be held at the ND State Fair Center in the Theater.
Public input can also be submitted online through the project website at, or by mailing comments to 6008 Hwy 2 East, Minot, ND 58701.
For more information about the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Plan, or to submit input or comments, visit