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Mouse River Flood Protection Plan Website Created
Post Date: Oct 28 2011
Tags: flood planMouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Projectmouse river planRyan Ackerman
 Minot, N.D. – A website has been created to help disseminate and collect information pertaining to the Mouse River Flood Protection plan currently in development. The website can be located at
Features of the website include a newsletter and newsletter sign-up section, FAQ’s, an area to display the alignment maps as they become available, access to additional flood related resources, the ability to submit public input, general project overview and meeting announcements/details.
In addition to the website, Facebook and Twitter pages have been set up to serve as another resource for residents looking to access information or inquire about the flood protection plan. Both social media resources can be located by searching Mouse River Plan.
All of these resources will be updated regularly as the project progresses and new information becomes available.